My re-brand of Animal Planet includes the elephant which Animal Planet believes to be strong, intelligent and majestic enough to represent the entire animal kingdom. The elephant is multi-functional as not only the representation of the animal kingdom, but also as the continents connecting the earth. The logo is dynamic and the icon and type can be incorporated in designs in a variety of ways. The versatility of the logo, expanding and contracting while the color palette rotates, represents the nature of the animal kingdom. The main logos can be used most frequently, but the organic shape structure and colors act as the primary identity. 
National icon animals have the same key identifiers as the international logo but are specific to their countries. These logos are intended to be used exclusively for their individual countries and, therefore, only use the "A" behind and never the earth. 
My earlier designs included an elephant walking with the earth in its trunk. These designs were more aligned with the traditional identity of Animal Planet. As a way to modernize the concept and combine those elements further, I used the focal point of the elephant as the negative space of the "A". While I found this design successful, I feel the final concept of the elephant walking out of the earth is more powerful and moving.
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