When brainstorming ideas for this novelty packaging, I felt the glowing aspect of a lantern would resonate with the lightbulb and the holiday. However, I wanted the novel experience to continue when the lantern opens. The package unfolds into a spiderweb, with the lightbulb acting as the spider within.
Using the dimensions of the original box and the lightbulb as my baseline measurements, I engineered the lid, the lantern/web and the bottom support for the lightbulb. The next challenge was to find a way to add a handle to the top. For this I added 2 holes in the lid and 2 holes in the lantern/web for one piece of string to go through.
The graphics are spooky and spidery with text that flows with the design. The information is legible and noticeable while not taking away from the lantern's design. The lightbulb filament was subtly added on each side panel to further emphasize the product's purpose. 
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